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Ambition in Macbeth: Theme & Examples

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❶Scene 3 Act I: Losing sleep over your Macbeth essay?

Macbeth essay help

William Shakespeare
How does Lady Macbeth explain Macbeth's strange behavior at the banquet?
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Finally, she does a great job of acting shocked by the fact that the king has been killed in her home. Lady Macbeth is also important because readers get to see her completely fall apart due to the guilt that she is experiencing over her actions. Lady Macbeth is an unmerciful, determined, ambitious woman who wants to obtain all the power she possibly can. She convinces her husband, Macbeth, to kill King Duncan while he is a guest in their home. Lady Macbeth hopes this murder will give her husband a chance to become king, which would make her the most powerful woman.

Her plan is not as successful as she had hoped. Yes, the king was murdered, but the remorse and anguish she felt afterward were tearing her apart. She is so guilty that she begins to lose her mind. A doctor is called and, while in her disturbed mental state, Lady Macbeth reveals information about the murder. One of her most famous quotes is, "Out damned spot!

This refers to the blood she thinks she sees on her hands--haunting images from when she placed the daggers beside the guards. The manner that the question is asked is stating that Malcolm is the foil. The play is about Macbeth and most other characters, no matter how important, are to some extent foils to bring out his personality. They are both fighting against Macbeth. They are both foils.

Even Lady Macbeth--on his side--is a foil, since she brings out his dithering character and eggs him on. BTW, in contemporary usage, in comedy, a foil is simply the straight man of a comedy team. Take Lewis and Martin--Dean Martin is the foil. Burns and Allen--Burns is the foil to the dingbat Gracie, who gets the laugh lines. In those teams, neither is "minor. Ok, ok, I know these examples date me.

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A takeaway menu for Shakespeare's Macbeth aimed at KS45/5(1).

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Lady Macbeth is a very important character in Shakespeare's tragic play, Macbeth. Lady Macbeth is an unmerciful, determined, ambitious woman who wants to obtain all the . Macbeth: Homework Questions All questions must be answered completely in full sentences. There must be one direct quote per assignment. All claims must be supported with specific details and evidence from the text. Each Homework Assignment will be worth 10 points. Act I (Choose 5 questions to answer) DUE DATE: _____ 1.

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