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❶Better than that, though, we have answers—real answers to real problems. The Editors Meet our professional editors.

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He specializes in rescuing, restoring and reawakening broken dreams. It would be his honor to help reawaken yours. In the broad area of religion, spirituality, and the Bible, Joya works with original thinkers, inspired visionaries and mystics, theologians and biblical interpreters, researchers and academics.

The Study of Religion: Scholar in Biblical and Religious Studies Ph. Spiritual and Personal Development: Professional Coach Interfaith Chaplain. It is an edit at the sentence level that seeks to keep your thoughts flowing cohesively. This service does more than polish. Here, we delve into your sentences, making sure that your thoughts are not lost.

This service is ideal for longer works such as an in-depth guide, self-help book, novel, biography, autobiography, longer devotionals, or collection of short stories. Our content editing services is an edit on the paragraph level. Because of the depth of the edit, we do two reads through the manuscript, ensuring that your thoughts and ideas are presented clearly and concisely.

This service pops the hood and provides you with an analysis and edit of your content while maintaining your voice throughout. For those finished manuscripts that require a high level of TLC, we offer a total overhaul of the manuscript that considers the whole picture of what you are trying to accomplish.

Your manuscript may need a much more comprehensive level of editing which we can do for you. We would provide you with a maximum of three drafts of edits for your approval so that the final outcome is what you imagined when you sat down to write your first word.

In addition to our editing services, we can offer you layout, interior formatting, and cover design services. Particularly for those who intend to self-publish, we can help your manuscript meet the specifications of the publisher you choose. Here is what we can do:. If you are not familiar with the tools, then watch the short video below. Track Changes allows you, the author, to see each and every edit that an editor makes and gives you the chance to accept or reject those changes.

About Our Services We offer a variety of services to fit your needs. They look and read so And the trade market is very competitive. The great news is that we can help! Whether you are a first-time author who wants to deliver a beautifully edited manuscript to a literary agent or book publisher or a pastor who wants to turn that sermon series into a book and self-publish through Amazon CreateSpace or Xulon, we have the skills and expertise to help you accomplish your publishing goals!

We have the experience and expertise that will set your work apart in a very crowded market! You might not know it, but some of the greatest authors in the history of literature have self-published their work.

In many cases you will not only save hundreds of dollars but end up with a press-ready finished product that you are more satisfied with. Please research thoroughly any fee-for-service on-demand publisher or self-publishing partner you are considering.

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Learn about Christian Editing Services team of Christian professionals and the services they offer.

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Christian Editing Services offers several levels of service, completely suited to your needs, whether you’re writing an important letter to your ministry supporters, creating website content for your Christian organization, publishing a book, posting an invitation or writing an article for a magazine.

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Here at Affordable Christian Editing, we make sure your message isn’t lost in the text. Our content editing services is an edit on the paragraph level. Because of the depth of the edit, we do two reads through the manuscript, ensuring that your thoughts and ideas are presented clearly and concisely. All Proofreading Services;. Christian Editing Services, Chattanooga, TN. likes · 1 talking about this. Christian Editing Services. A team of Christian professionals offer.

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Christian Editing Services, Tauranga, New Zealand. likes · 7 talking about this. Helping Christian authors achieve their writing goals. Editing, Interior Formatting, and Cover Design Pricing. Y ou will find our pricing to be incredibly competitive. Each price, for the editing services, is on a per word count. Most word processors have a function to determine your word count.