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Soviet-Afghan War Academic Essay

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There was a threat of spreading the communist regime all over the globe. It is a powerful image in the developing debate of the USSR s and Russias future in the world and a demanding indictment of the past Galeotti, Many historians consider that it has destroyed the Soviet Union.

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On my birthday, January 1, Afghanistan was being invaded by the soviet army, lived under the Talaban terrorist regime, for decades, and never had the opportunity to have a presidential election until about two weeks ago from this day on December 21, Afghanistan is a middle Eastern state located in the southwest region of central Asia. Their border is 3, miles long and it is shared with the Soviets, Iran, Pakistan, India, and China. The population of this country is 17 million and the averaging population density is some 65 people per square mile Tamarov There are roughly 20 different nationalities in Afghanistan belonging to various language groups.

The History of Afghanistan is one of resistance to various conquerors, and armed bands. It is intrusting that Alexander the Great, while conducting his conquest toward the.

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This photographic history of the Soviet-Afghan War of to gives a fascinating insight into a grim conflict that prefigured the American-led campaign in that country. In an unequal struggle, the mujahedeen resisted for ten years, then triumphed over Moscow. For the Soviet Union, the futile intervention has been compared to the similar humiliation suffered by the United States in Vietnam. For the Afghans the victory was just one episode in the long history of their efforts to free their territory from the interference of foreign powers.

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Customer service theory essays on global warming. The Cold War was a result of political, economic, and ideological differences between the United States and the Soviet Union. The government of Afghanistan under the leadership of Babrak Karmal, who was the third president of Afghanistan, was restored to power with the support of the Soviet Union.

Later, in he was replaced by Mohammad Najibullah, and left Afghanistan for Moscow, where he died in As mentioned above, the Soviet Army paratroopers landed in Afghanistan in December , while the country had been already in the grip of a civil war. It is worth mentioning that Afghanistan is a country with a strong tradition of Muslim Belief.

According to the research, the Afghan Prime Minister, Hazifullah Amin, wanted a more western slant to his country trying to sweep aside Muslim traditions Galeotti, As a result, thousands of Afghanistan people joined a guerilla force, the Mujahdeen, on a holly mission for Allah. The Mujahdeen declared a jihad - a holy war, which appealed Afghanistan Muslims to protect their country and overthrow the Amin government.

This government asked the Soviet Government to help them in order to support a legitimate government. Many historians consider that the Mujahdeen were no more than terrorists. Nowadays, this fact has become more obvious because of the terrorist attacks that took place all over the world, especially after September 11, terrorist attack in the World Trade Center in New-York City.

The history of Afghanistan is a very tragic one. It was constantly captured by invaders, internal upheaval, and internal pressure. The available information acknowledges that not too much have been changed in Afghanistan, except of the weapon, in the course of history.

This is a warrior country with people, who were suffering as much as most of humans can ever imagine Ritscher, Due to numerous invasions and interventions into the Afghan territory, the country has diverse ethnical groups and nationalities, such as Pashtun, Turkmen, Tajik, Uzbek, Arab, Persian, and some other.

Initially, the Pashtun nationality was the most dominant, but in the process of history the priorities had often changed.

It should be mentioned that there are Jewish, Hindu and Sikh communities. Regardless of the current existence of diverse groups and nationalities, the majority of population is Muslims, considering Islam to be one of the main factors of their ethnic identity.

The research asserts that Islam was brought to Afghanistan in the 8 th - 9 th centuries by the Arabs. In the process of history, it is hard to mention the period, when Afghanistan was a free and independent country. The similar situation is even today. Forced armies of different nations conquered the Afghan land many times, killing its people, destroying their land and houses.

In the beginning of the s the British army invaded Afghanistan in order to install puppet government, who would serve British economic interests. Afghanistan had remained a British protectorate until The Soviet Socialist Revolution, which took place in Russia in had influenced upon the people of Afghanistan. As a result, the Afghan king Amanullah declared his country absolutely independent by signing a treaty with Lenin and declared war on Britain.

The British have conspired with conservative religious and land owning Afghanis, who were unhappy with the communist idea and they out broke the civil war in the country.

In , a new king Muhammad Nadir Shah came into power and ruled for the next forty years. In , the king was overthrown and a republic was declared.

During this period, certain liberalization took place, but, by at large, little was done to satisfy people. A pro-Moscow communist party was established. In , it intended to adopt some progressive reforms, such as declaring a secular state with equal rights for women and a new land reform programs, but they were not implemented in practice, because they met opposition from the deeply religious sections Ritscher, Later, several rural areas rose in armed rebellion against the new government.

The Soviet Union was asked to help the government in this struggle. During eight years, the Soviets tried to support the communist ideas and new programs in Afghanistan, but they failed. This war touched every mother whose son served there. The war was important in its affect on people and government of the USSR. It still touches everyone who used to be at that horrible war. Many historians consider that it has destroyed the Soviet Union.

Yet, it did not, because this war was relatively minor, if ill-conceived and uncomfortable military adventure, eminently supportable, a negligible drain on the resource of the Soviet Union.

Many scholars acknowledge that the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan was established not by revolution. The communist regime was initially brought from the USSR.

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Buy essay soviet afghan war footage Buy essay soviet-afghan war. Russian Invasion of Afghanistan. When Soviet troops seized Afghanistan on December 27, , there were those who saw it as a proof that after the years of .

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The Soviet- Afghan war and the further breakdown of the Soviet Union were the most important political events of the 21 st century. As mentioned before, the Soviet-Afghan war was the key factor for the breakdown, but not the only one.

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buy essay soviet afghan war Buy custom War in Afghanistan: of late 20 th and Soviet-Afghan war of with the situation Buy essay soviet afghan war footage Buy essay soviet-afghan war. buy an essay online now business plan for buying a hotel homework help for esl students phd thesis radiologyBuy essay soviet afghan war . The Soviet-Afghan War was a 9 year skirmish that left Afghanistan more broken and corrupt than it was before. Devastating statistics include million Afghan civilians dead, 90, combatants were killed and another 90, were injured. Soviet statistics include 22, killed and 75, wounded.

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