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❶I have 4 children, and 4 grandchildren. I could hardly contain my excitement and as always my mind was racing.

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Along with IEP attendance and much more. As a CSNA I am trained to fully understand special needs planning, special needs trusts and trustees, personal and legal concerns facing families of children with disabilities, and building partnerships with special needs attorneys and disability advocates that foster an integrated financial strategy.

My approach is very easy going with an emphasis on making eye contact while finding opportunities to engage individuals in their natural environment. Box Falconer, NY ; fax Email: No charge for copies. Services include representing children with disabilities, Special Needs Planning, and consultations. Box 5 Manlius, NY Email: Elyse Dub conducts neuropsychological evaluations for students struggling in school.

She also provides individual remediation in areas such as organizational and study skills. Franklin Square, NY ; fax Email: Buffalo, NY ; ; fax Email: All services are free. Mattituck, NY Email: Fee based advocacy services also available. Barbara is an adjunct associate professor at New York University where she teaches the graduate courses in Education Law. Barbara has extensive experience conducting CLE for attorneys and workshops for parents, advocates, school personnel, and other professionals from Hawaii to New Hampshire.

We exclusively serve individuals with autism and Applied Behavior Analysis ABA forms the clinical model for all of our programs. Edison Schools Inc 5th Ave. Educational Advancement Institute Alice S. Offering advocacy for individuals with disabilities: Will accompany parents to all EPC hearings regardless of the step.

Ithaca, NY ; fax Email: Offering advocacy, in-home services, and out-of-home placements for children of all ages and stages in life. Box Bedford, NY Email: Particular emphasis on effective classroom strategies to help children succeed.

Exceptional Family Resources David B. We link people to services that remove barriers and empower families. Extraordinary Minds provides a variety of services utilizing the RDI methodology. FADD also offers support groups for grandparents raising grandchildren. Box 44 So. Montauk, NY ; ; fax Email: Family Resource Network, Inc.

Please see website for specifics. Family Ties of Westchester, Inc. All Family Ties services are free and confidential. Offers advocacy, information and referral, and support to families of children with emotional, behavioral, and social needs. Holds an annual conference and legislative luncheon, distributes a quarterly newsletter, and has an extensive library of resources.

Assist students, parents and schools with the transition process for students with disabilities from secondary education to adult life. Fresh Perspectives Donna C. Serving families affected by learning disabilities, attention and related neuro-developmental disorders.

Nadine Gardner th St. Individual psychotherapy also available. Batavia, NY x A program of the Legal Aid Society of Rochester for Genesee and Orleans Counties to resolve problems relating to education and other service systems. Representation of students with disabilities at CSE and meetings. We also assist with school suspension and enrollment for both special and general ed students.

Carole Ann Geronimo, Esq. North Tonawanda, NY ; fax Email: We teach independent living skills. Specialist in psychotherapy for children and adolescents with learning difficulties. Attorney at Law Northern Blvd. I became a legal nurse consultant and life care planner to assist other families with disabled children.

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Be the best parent possible! Mid Island Therapy Assoc. Sound Beach, NY Phone: Mulberry Tree Learning Deborah C. New York, NY Email: All Ages Including Elderly. The FSC oversees the provision of three support groups for parents and provides support, advocacy, educational resources and information regarding special education services.

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Programs for Children with Disabilities: Programs for Infants and Toddlers with Disabilities: Sullivan County residents only.

I had no intention of ever letting her read what I had wrote, but perhaps I could make something up. Do you know Jack? I think his older brother is in one of your classes. His name is Steve. In fact, I knew she had quite a crush on him. However, I knew through Jack that he was involved with another girl at the moment.

But I knew from what Jack had told me, that Julie often gave Steve more than just a casual glance. Seems like a nice guy, everyone likes him.

The plan that had been formulating in my mind was now starting to come together. It was just a matter of playing it through without blowing it. He says Steve and that other girl are on the out.

I held the diary in one hand and twisted it back and forth for emphasis. I had better stuff to write about. Her eyes were wide, and a smile slowly spread across her face. It was like dangling a morsel of food before a starving person. She took a step toward me, her fingers twisting a lock of her hair. What else did Jack tell you? I shrugged my shoulders. Just that he thought you were kind of cute. We can do anything you want.

Play some games, watch TV, whatever! Remember, before lunch, when I thought it would be neat if I tied you up. Well, we could make it into a game. You could be a captured double agent. If you can get free in two hours, you can get the key and see the secret code. I knew that she was tempted. She looked at the diary, then at the chair.

There has to be some chance of my escape in order to make it fair. I went and got the ropes. Of course, I was going to tie her up so that she would have no chance of escape. I motioned for her to sit in the chair. She sat down, and I started to tie her up. I crossed her hands behind her back and tied them, making diagonal loops around her wrists, and then cinching between her wrists. I then wrapped the rope around her waist and the chair back, and tied it off snugly.

Continuing on, I wrapped the rope around here upper body, above and below her breasts, and cinched it tight between her arms and body. I walked around the front of her, and started tying her legs.

Because she wore a skirt, I tied her knees together just above the hemline, then finished off by tying her ankles together and to the cross member that supported the chair legs. I yanked tight the last knot.

She was thoroughly tied up, in a classic damsel in distress chair tie. Starting now, you have two hours. She pulled hard at the ropes binding her hands, then twisted side to side. She was struggling furiously, but was unable to move much, let alone escape. Smiling, satisfied with the job I had done, I left her there and went to watch TV.

I peeked in on her from time to time. She tried everything to escape, but to no avail. I could hear the creaking of the ropes against the wooden chair as she struggled, followed by the sound of her frustration as she let her pent up breath out.

I knew that having the key so near, yet so far, must have been driving her up the wall. The plan that I had put together had finally come about.

Little did I know that there would be another unexpected turn of events. I continued to hear the sounds of her attempting to escape. Again, I peeked in on her. She was still in that meticulously, inescapable chair tie.

But now, she was sat still, gazing around at the bands of rope holding her there, trying futilely to find some other avenue of escape. Then she would gaze down at the key around her neck, then over at the diary.

The struggling had caused her long hair to cascade down around her shoulders and onto her chest. Finally, the two hours were up. Pulling myself away from the TV, I went to untie Julie. She was sitting still now, finally exhausted after the long struggle. Walking behind her, I undid her hands and unwrapped the rope from around her waist. I then started to work on the ropes binding her torso.

Once I finished that, Julie brought her arms from behind her and rubbed her wrists. I started to work on her legs. The sight of her gorgeous legs in a skirt, encased in nylon, and tightly bound, was something to behold.

Julie noticed my admiration. I looked up, blushing slightly. I think I can untie myself from here. I really felt like the damsel in distress for a while there. I was quite surprised, actually. Julie had gone from not wanting to be tied up, to actually enjoying the game. I went into the recreation room and continued to watch my program.

It was some sort of science fiction movie, the type of genre that I was into at the time. Looks like I had finally got to tie up the babysitter. I reveled in the memory of her helplessly tied up, struggling, and completely at my mercy.

I heard Julie move around in the other room, and realized that she had finished untying her legs. After being bound for so long, she was probably walking around, stretching out. What a stroke of genius it was, convincing her to let me tie her up that way. The whole time where she thought that she would have any chance of getting free! And placing the key around her neck like that was - The key!!? With a sinking feeling, I ran into the other room.

Standing with the open diary in her hand, Julie was ecstatically reading its contents. She was dangling the key by the string on her other hand. Now she knew everything that I wrote about. I knew now that the reason she wanted to finish untying herself was to distract me.

Also, she now knew that there was nothing about Steve in the diary. I reached out and took back the diary and the key. But it was too late. But I knew I was under her thumb. Julie had picked up the long length of rope that she had coiled up.

Julie started to tie me. Now, being that she was in such great shape, she could really pull the ropes tight. She started, as before, with my ankle, tightly tying it to the chair leg.

She brought the rope up and tied my knee to the union of the leg and the chair seat. She then did the other knee, then the other ankle. She tied that off tightly. Julie then brought the rope under the chair and up, and tied my waist securely to the chair back.

She then ran the rope up the chair back, tied it off, and then tied my upper arm to the chair back, cinching it tightly. The rope was wrapped around my torso and the chair back about a dozen times.

She tied and cinched my elbow and forearm to the chair leg. Now came the wrist. It was tied with many turns to the union of the chair leg and the seat, cinched, and knotted tightly. She repeated the procedure with the other arm. When the final knot was tied around my wrist, she brought the last of the rope down and tied it to a chair leg cross member.

I may as well have been encased in cement. Julie stood before me, smiling, hands on her shapely hips. That is, if there is anything. I am going to keep you tied up, until I decide to untie you. Now that she really wanted me tied up, I was totally at her mercy.

Like you say, we girls are nosy. I fought hard to escape from my bindings, but she had me tied up much too well. Julie had tricked me fair and square. Although I thought she deserved to be tied up after she had tried to peek in my diary [see July], she had ultimately gotten the better of me and given me my just deserts.

I was bound by the babysitter. This much I knew: I was going to be tied up for a long, long time. That is just the kind of story I have been waiting for. I would give almost anything to have been in your shoes. Everyone here is so fortunate with all these stories. It is only because of these stories that I have not given up hope.: When I was younger, perhaps ten, I consistantly played tie-up games with the girls in my neighborhood.

There were no boys my age who lived near me- just one girl my age, and then two other sisters, one a year older than I, one a year younger. Occasionally I got them to play my games sports , but more often I was forced to join them in dolls. We did however, both enjoy cops and robbers. Typically we would play with two teams of two.

It would be Stacy my age and I, vs. Dharma one year older and her sister, Betty one year younger. The fist time we played, I had suggested it. Betty and Stacy were definitly into it, but Dharma needed convincing. We made the rules. Originally Stacy suggested that once someone is shot, they die and are out of the game. Betty offered that perhaps someone should be tied up, and if they are able to escape, they are free.

Naturally we all agreed with this logic. The teams were desided. Stacy and I were the cops. Dharma and Betty were they robbers. We each had our own bases, and we each gathered supplies. Then the game started. Stacy and I got our stuff together. We each had one pair of plastic handcuffs virtually the only difference between being cops and robbers which would be used to escort our prisoners back to our base. There they would be further restrained. We split up and I went to spy on Betty and Dharma.

I peered around the corner and looked into their basement they had one where it open from the outside, you know, where you walked down, kinda like a storm cellar. I was immeaditly grapped from behind, a powerful hand clamping over my mouth stifiling my screams. Dharma overpowered me and dragged me into the basement.

Betty rushed over and assisted her older sister into forcing me into the large arm chair that they had set up. Needing to use four hands, my mouth was released. They bound my hands to each arm of the chair as I screamed for Stacy to help me.

Then they bound me ankles to each leg of the chair, before roping me to the back of the chair. For a little while. Betty stuffed a large rag into my mouth. After grinning at the sight of me bound and gagged, they left, presumably to find my partner.

With them gone, it took be seconds to attemt at freedom. I was surprised to find that I was well bound. Being tied by girls, in a haste as well, I had figured that I could easily escape.

But it was not so. The ropes were pretty tight, and struggling made them more uncomfortable. The knots were think and tight, and I was unfarmiliar with them. I got upset at being bound and gagged and being unable to free myself, especially at the hands on girls. Nothing was holding my gag in, I realised after long last.

With disgust I spat it onto the ground. She looked around the basement, and produced a role of masking tape. She ripped a long strip of tape from the role and approached me. It sealed my mouth and I grunted. After all, I think I like you better this way. I saw a bunch of tools on a shelf nearby and figured that I could inch over there and knock them off.

I worked my way, straining agaisnt the ropes to move the chair, which seemed harder than it should have been, grunting into my gag with the work. Eventually I gave up and I am not a very hard worker. I licked at the tape gag. It tasted foul, naturally, but it seemed to work. The large amount of tape made it harder, because the outward edges of the gag were plastered onto my cheeks and I was unable to remove the gag.

Then I decided to rub my cheek against my shoulder: I got it off! I screamed to high heaven: Betty came down backward and was carrying someth- she carried the feet of a squirming Stacy, which were tightly bound with rope.

Dharma was carrying her upper body as they lowered her down the srairs. She was bound heavily with lots of rope, over her ankles, knees and thighs. She was wearing jeans and a sweater, I remember because the wool and denim bulged out from where ever there was not any tight roping. A second red bandanna was used to blindfold her. Her face was bright pink and sweaty from struggling. But now we got both you cops at our mercy. So what are we going to do? Nothing keeps big mouths shut better that good old silver duct tape!

I knew it would. She pulled off a length which made a ripping sound, before tearing it off with her teath. It was still moist as she packed it deeply into my mouth. Then Betty pressed the cool sticky tape against my lips pressing hard agaisnt my lips, taping my mouth shut. The gag was tight.

A nice tight gag makes all boys look better! Let me know if you want me to continue this story This is my first post ever in this forum.

Just a bit about myself first. I had always found bondage fascinating. Being tied up was the last thing a wanted so doing the tying was my speciality. Over the years due to my fantasies I had collected many bondage items such as shackles and handcuffs. Handcuffs were my favourite. I see that ropes are the preferred method in this forum but there is something that screams "inescapable" when it comes to handcuffs. I had purchased several sets but could never find anyone to use them on in my small town.

Two things in life are important to me bondage and clothes. It made me feel good about myself to wear nice things. And I love scarves. Not to mention they are so practical. This was of course my preferred method of gagging someone.

It seemed like so much fun! Through out the late eighties and early nineties I accessoirized with them continuously. Nice fans and bows were really popular. How lucky for me and Karen I might add. Me and my girlfriend Kim were sitting at her house watching tv. Her parents were gone on vacation so we were alone.

She attended a Catholic school, so she was wearing her uniform white button up shirt which she was wearing like britney spears, dark red mini skirt, and her black socks which go over the knees.

She is looking pretty good right now. A show came on where a rich girl was setting everything up to look like she had been kidnapped so she could get a ransom sent to her. She tied herself up and got in the trunk of her car. Well Kim said that she could probably tie herself up pretty good. That got my attention really good and she left the room for a minute and came back with a lot of cotton rope, some handcuffs, athletic tape, and belts. To reset the scene: Kelly is taunting me while handgagging me, bound and wrapped up in her legs with her red-argyle-socked feet locking me in.

I am, pretty much, her prisoner. Colleen - who previously tied and tickle-tortured me - is upstairs getting rid of Paul. But still, to be safe, Kelly hand-gags me. A couple minutes later, Colleen comes back down the stairs. My Aunt Jane lived about an hour away. How was our prisoner, Kell? I had to gag him with my hand the whole time, and he keeps struggling and my feet are getting tired. I think we need a more permanent way of keeping him restrained.

And his hands are tied behind his back - we have to get them in front of him to tie him down to my headboard. How do we go it? She pushed me to the floor and then put both her feet on my chest to hold me there. What the heck, I thought. This was Kelly, girl of my dreams, after all.

Kelly told me to fold my knees up to my chest and slide my handcuffed hands under my feet to the front of me. I did, and I was now bound hand and foot with my hands in front of me. Bobby, not a word! Kelly pinned me down on the bed while Collen ran back down to get the rope. She came back with the rope and duct tape. My feet and knees were tied together, but not down to anything. She picked up the duct tape and, like before, let it dangle from her finger as she grinned at me.

After she left, Kelly sat there grinning at me. I was checking her out as she did, all over. Hey, I may have been tied up, but I still had the hots for my captor.

She was kind of wiggling her toes through her socks, and when her feet caught my attention, she teased me. Do you like my socks or something? Colleen told me how much you love socks, espcially in your mouth. I sat there dumbfounded as she unbuttoned my shirt so my chest and stomach we basically bare, and it was just me and my bermuda shorts.

Then she added a couple more pieces to keep it on. I tried to scream and kick, but Kelly sat on my legs. I kept yelling under the gag, but nothing got through. So what if I gagged you? It tickled like hell and I begged under the gag, but it was worthless. NO ONE can be that ticklish! Are you that ticklish? I panted and sweated and cried and laughed - this was worse than Colleen tickled me! Kelly continued the tickle torture with very little pity. I was gasping under the gag. I forgot to tickle your feet!

She started to calmly tickle in between my toes. And you want me to tickle the TOPS of your feet? Finally she stopped and climbed off me, sitting with her legs crossed in front of her next to me.

I tried to catch my breath and finally did, but the gag still held any scream that I had. Tickling is an oldie but goodie. She lectured me as she tickled me.

They used to execute people for spying, you know. Too bad you never learned your lesson. Horrible tickle-torture is the only way to teach you. Being practically tickled to death twice in one month by 2 girls? I was still laughing spasmodically and felt old tears stinging my face. I would have been arrested for attempted murder, trying to tickle you to death. You understand," she said with a little smile. I nodded as my laughter finally died down and she sat up and placed her feet by my head.

Then I want no screaming. I was sweating like crazy. Just tell her you learned your lesson. Tell her it was the most horrible torture imaginable - which, actually, it was.

When I could finally speak, I had no idea what to say. Please, no more," I said. Please untie me now, Kelly. She untied my shirt and rope from the headboard and my shirt fell back into place. She leaned over me and buttoned it back up and then untied my feet - giving them a little tickle first. I now was only handcuffed. KElly walked me back downstairs and sat me on the couch, putting her feet up on me and demanding that I massage them. I took off her socks and did just that with my cuffed hands.

Just then we heard Colleen pull back up in the car. Kelly pulled her bare feet away and quickly put her socks back on. Colleen walked in and kicked her shoes off. Are we all done? Has he learned his lesson? Please, take the cuffs off," I asked. Kelly reached down and uncuffed my hands. This site has over 20 true tales of people being tied up and tickled. I think these stories will be of particular interest to people that enjoy this group.

In addition to that there are fictional stories as well as illustrations. First of all sorry for the delay in my story posting. Fortune was on my side this particular day as she was reading a novel about a young girl being kidnapped and held for ransom.

Of course Karen and her mother were both delighted. As Karen sat beside me on the couch, she mentioned several times about how exciting the book was. Karen seemed to find it quite exhilirating to say the least. After telling Karen to sit tight for a couple of minutes I went to my bedroom for the goodies.

I kept a small locked trunk in the back of my closet full of bondage stuff. My first reach was for a set of shiny, silver handcuffs. I threw a couple of other things into a purse and headed back to the living room. I smiled to myself. She was playing out her part.

So I made my way around the couch and then pounced on her. She let a loud squeel out of her in which I quickly muffled with my hand. I set the purse down beside her and took out the handcuffs. Without wasting a lot of time I began to remove the long green, silk scarf that was tied in a bow around my neck. I felt my body tingle as I pulled it from underneath my blouse collar.

After tying a large knot in the middle I gloated: With purse over my shoulder I got Karen to her feet. This made me nervous but putting her inside would be too risky. But luckily Karen, with my help, climbed into the trunk. I went back to my purse and took out a narrow black patent belt that I felt suited the occasion. After wrapping the belt around a couple of times I fastened it.

Handcuffed and gagged in the trunk of my car. Fighting a bit and trying to let her out screams that remained muffled by my scarf. You just lay there and relax. Sharon is in charge now. After setting my purse down I distinctly remember taking out my lipstick and applying a fresh coat. This might sound like a funny question but does anyone know the name of the movie or show that Brooke Shieleds was bound and gagged in?

I think she is bound with tape and chains. This is what happened to me when I went to a guy friends house. It was scary, yet exciting. Please let me know if you want to hear more stories. One hot summer day, I went to his house and his three guy friends were there. They were all pretty hot. We had an afternoon of fun around the pool, fooling around, they guys grabbing me, scooping me up, their strong arm around my back, their other arm under where my knees bend.

They would always toss me in the pool, and one of the other guys would try to catch me. Then, it started to rain. When I was busy drying off myself under the umbrella, I noticed the guys were in a huddle. Matt and Mike and Bobby went inside, and Dave walked over to me. He pulled a bandana out of his bag, and wrapped it around my eyes. Dave was very strong, and so much fun! He whispered he had a surprise for me, and he flung me over his shoulder, and I heard him walk inside.

I heard footsteps walk into the room, and a pair of hands took my blindfold off. Suddenly, a strong hand pushed my head down knocking me on the floor.

Dave stretched me out, laying on my stomach. I squirmed to get up, but he sat on me, and Bobby took my wrists, and tied them together, then put duct tape over them. He had used a long piece of rope on my wrists, and tied the other end to a leg of a table.

Then Dave took one of my feet, and using a long rope, he tied it around my ankle, leaving a long strand. He tied the other end to the leg of a chair. He did the same with my other foot and a chair across the room.

Before I knew it, Matt and Mike each had a foot in their hand. I could see what was on that tray. There was a sharpened pencil, two paper clips, a pair of dull scissors, one of those pen caps that clip onto your shirt pocket, a pair of cuticle scissors, a ball point pen, and a regular butter knife. What are they gonna do with this stuff, I wondered. Then, I realized what they were going to do. They started unstrapping my platform sandals, and threw them against the wall.

Mike took the cuticle scissors, and Matt took the pencil, and they started moving it up and down my feet very gently I started cracking up, screaming. I guess I should mention here that my toes are extremely ticklish! Then they switched tools. The guys switched on and off with my feet for about an hour. I was going crazy! Finally, I could feel fingernails moving up and down the bottoms of my feet. It died down, then started again! Finally, about suffering from this torture for about an hour and a half, they cut me loose.

I decided to bust out of that house as soon as I could! I told Bobby I was leaving, and he tipped me back, kissing me. Then, Dave lifted my ankles up, and started writing something on each toe. Bobby dropped me on the couch, and I looked at what they had wrote.

My cousin and I are a lot alike. Sports and stuff like that. One day she came over to my house. It was one of those deals where her parents and mine were going out of town for a day. And, for a few hours we were fine. Watched TV and stuff Then, she asked me a question. Amy looked at me and asked if my dad still had that set of handcuffs he used to have. So, I said "Sure I can. I went upstairs and got the cuffs, and the key.

I gave her the key and I sat down in the chair. Thinking that I was smart, I thought that I could just close them a little bit and be able to slit my hands out. So, I did just that. As I was ready to slip my hands out, she came up behind me and before I knew what was happening She had closed them on me. I was pretty stuck already. She, meanwhile, was laughing. But, I figured that when she went behind me that she was going to unlock them. She walked back in front of me with four belts.

Without talking, she belted each of my feet to the chair and then she belted around my waist and around my arms. I was indeed stuck. Now come on, let me out. She immediately stuck it between my teeth and tied it behind my head.

I looked at her angrily and said, "Whath tha hell? She cut the top off of the swim cap so that it was a latex band and she slipped it over my head, me not making it easy on her, and it sealed pretty tightly against my skin.

The gag was indeed improved. Then she got some duct tape and took a couple small strips to hold it there. I had been reduced to yelling "Mmmmph Mmmph mmmph! Even though I knew that pulling against handcuffs was useless, I was doing so anyway. With a devilish look on her face she went to the phone. I could hear her talking, but could only make out "Come over to my cousins Ear length blonde hair, eyes to die for, and a body that was absolutely perfect. She was also our age and if she found me like this I started really mmmhping and struggling, but this just made Amy laugh some more.

I sat there struggling while Amy watched TV. About half an hour later, I heard a car pull up. It pulled back out and we heard the doorbell ring. Amy left and returned with a laughing Julia. Apparently they thought it was funny. Especially since Julia knew I had a crush on her. Julia leaned down in front of me and put her hands on my legs for support. At this time I was extremely glad that the belt that Amy had put around my waist was loose and had fallen nearer to my crotch, because it was the only thing holding me back.

The two of them teased me a lot for the next half hour or so. Tickling a lot, laughing, and even painting my toenails. Then, Amy said she had a great idea. She told Julia to take off her "belt" which was actually a very sexy looking scarf that she had around her pants she always dressed playful and the two laughed as Julia put that over my eyes.

I heard them leave and then out of nowhere, I felt something extremely cold touch my neck and feet. They had ice cubes! I heard more laughing for about ten minutes while they tortured me with them. After that, they left me be and after about an hour they untied me. Julia gave me a kiss to show she was sorry, but nothing serious.

That was actually pretty cool too. I am never making a bet like that again. With reference to bondage in movies and or TV, did anyone ever see that Alfred Hitchcock episode the original black and white series where a man whose disenchanted with his relationship with his wife, plans to leave her.

He wants to steal her jewels, so he makes it seems like robbery. He forces a woman caught shoplifting in the store he manages to come around to the apartment and tie him to the bed.

Before the woman arrived, he made the place look as if it had been robbed. After she ties him up and gags him with duct tape, she leaves. Expecting his wife to arrive shortly he lays bound to the bed in the dark for what seems like an eternity. Finally, his wife arrives. Surprised at seeing him tied up and the apartment robbed, she first checks her jewels.

After seeing they are gone, she walked over to the bed. Instead of untying him, she gloats over his predicament. Grinning, pinching the edge of the gag with her forefinger and thumb, she rubs it in that he is helplessly tied up. Then she puts a pillow over his face and smothers him. Hi everyone, Those of you who usually come here through the main page have probably noticed already that the page is down.

It might have been removed by Tripod, or it could be a temporary glitch in their system. I have sent them emails concerning the problem, and I will keep you updated. In the meantime, please keep posting! Sharon Please finish your story it is really starting out great. I agree, Sharon, I love your story so far, please continue! I have searched alot but cant find it, if anyone can send a link that would be helpful.

Once again sorry for the delay. When we left off Karen was safely placed in the trunk of my car. The drive to my cottage would take about an hour so I had some time to think about what I wanted to do with her. I would have to make it fun for her or else she would never agree to it again. If everything went Ok Karen and I would be making this a regular occurence.

I drove along at the speed limit as to not draw any attention to myself. It would be slightly embarassing to get pulled over and have to explain why I had 12 yearold girl in the trunk of my car handcuffed and gagged.

But nevertheless we arrived at the "secret hideout" later that morning. Hopefully she was enjoying herself. My cottage was fairly secluded but there were neighbors.

They rarely used theirs which made this that much more easy. I parked in the upper driveway so I could play out the game a little more. Bringing my purse I got out of the car.

Moving to the trunk I took out the key and began unlocking it. Karen let out another muffled cry for help. I found this really exhilirating to hear her struggle. This was getting better all the time. She looked at it with her eyes wide not sure what I was going to do.

Just in case you escaped She nodded her agreement and I began to unfasten the leather belt from her ankles. Taking one last look around to make sure no one was about I helped Karen get out of the trunk. She was a little unsure at first with the blindfold on but I assured her that everything was fine.

Then you would realize just how difficult it can be. Without wasting any more time I put the black patent belt back around her ankles. Not quite finished there I took out a slightly longer belt and place this across her lap and buckled it underneath the chair. Finally after so long, I was living out what I had fanisized about for years. I decided to remove her blindfold so she could see me taunt her.

Such a pretty young girl should fetch a large sum. Adjusting it slightly, I marvelled at how great Karen looked bound and gagged. Just as I knew she would. With my hands resting on her shoulders, I bent down and whispered in her ear, "Maybe I should just keep you for myself. Mommie and Daddie would likely miss their precious Karen but think of all the fun we could have.

Playing all sorts of games. Tricking the young girl into thinking I just might be serious. Without warning I began to tickle her sides which brought some loud but yet muffled squeals from her. I laughed and said, "Oh sweetie I could never pass up the money. Your parents would pay any amount I came up with. She struggled with her bonds acting out her part to the letter.

Leave it in a suitcase at the bus station. This thrilled me to say the least. So Karen remained as my prisoner for the rest of the day.

Everything worked out perfectly. Karen turned out to be a great victim and as I had always known, I was a great villianess. Karen and I would go on to play several other games in which I would get to tie her up. Stay tuned for more. It is ,well has a TON of vid caps and thumbnails,They are all from movies and tv shows,and sitcoms and soap operas,check it out,some very cool stuff: However Grumpy no longer updates that site.

The last update is from like two years ago I think. None of the links except one "tainted Love bound by fate" are mine. I knew it had been a LONG time since an update on the one link angel,but there are a lot of new people here,and it still is nice to go back and see some of the pics: Stay cool and Safe: Please go on and post other experiences!

Did you ever use rope, or wrap her in a towel or anything else? You seem to have a rather creative use of your materials! In this part, the conspirators bad guys are discovered by a year old boy out camping for a long weekend with his 8-yr old brother his parents insisted he let him come. So the kids have to be able to feed themselves but not escape. The author asked me for ideas on knots that could not be untied and ropes they could not cut for several days, and I think I found good ones.

But he wants them to leave the year old securely hog-tied, and little brother with his hands and feet tied separately, hands in front. So he cant walk much, but can use his hands to feed himself and his brother. Am I worrying about details or is it unrealistic and the chapter should be rewritten? I just discovered this site and find it great! I will be coming back for more. Someone asked for sites with free videos. I will list a few sources I contact when I want a video. Not all mpegs are fantastic, but some are very nice For getting videos with the mainstream tie up scenes I think chivalry video is the source to go.

Not for free, but an awful lot of scenes. Not all the videos they make will be to your liking, as they like to cater to all tastes!! But there will be some treasures if you look through their catalogue. And they ship discretely. You can also trade of course, if you have some material you can exchange.

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