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You are often envious of others. An interesting book or a video game is often better than a social event. Being able to develop a plan and stick to it is the most important part of every project.

You rarely get carried away by fantasies and ideas. You often find yourself lost in thought when you are walking in nature. If someone does not respond to your e-mail quickly, you start worrying if you said something wrong. As a parent, you would rather see your child grow up kind than smart.

You do not let other people influence your actions. When you sleep, your dreams tend to focus on the real world and its events. It does not take you much time to start getting involved in social activities at your new workplace. You are more of a natural improviser than a careful planner. Your emotions control you more than you control them.

You enjoy going to social events that involve dress-up or role-play activities. You often spend time exploring unrealistic and impractical yet intriguing ideas. You would rather improvise than spend time coming up with a detailed plan. You are a relatively reserved and quiet person. If you had a business, you would find it very difficult to fire loyal but underperforming employees.

You often contemplate the reasons for human existence. Logic is usually more important than heart when it comes to making important decisions. Keeping your options open is more important than having a to-do list. If your friend is sad about something, you are more likely to offer emotional support than suggest ways to deal with the problem. You rarely feel insecure. You have no difficulties coming up with a personal timetable and sticking to it. Being right is more important than being cooperative when it comes to teamwork.

You feel more energetic after spending time with a group of people. You frequently misplace your things. You see yourself as very emotionally stable. Your mind is always buzzing with unexplored ideas and plans.

You would not call yourself a dreamer. You usually find it difficult to relax when talking in front of many people.

Generally speaking, you rely more on your experience than your imagination. You worry too much about what other people think.

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