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❶Our solar system is located in the outer reaches of the Milky Way Galaxy.

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Both countries thought it was important to be the first to do things in space and were very proud of their achievements. The Soviet Union put the first satellite and the first man into orbit, but the USA was the first to send a man to the Moon. Now private companies are starting to fly into space too. The whole trip will take two and a half hours from take-off to landing. Astronaut — a person who has travelled in space Curiosity — a large rover sent to Mars by NASA to look for signs of life ESA — the European Space Agency, which consists of all the countries in Europe working together on missions to explore space NASA — the North American Space Agency, which is the organisation from the USA that explores and investigates space Orbit — When something goes into orbit, it is high enough that it keeps circling the Earth, instead of falling back to the ground.

Rocket — Rockets burn a lot of fuel to get to very high speeds very quickly. You have to do this if you want to get from the surface of the Earth into orbit. Rover — a mobile robot sent to land on another planet or moon and explore Satellite — a machine put into orbit around the Earth, and often used for science or communications Spacecraft — a vehicle for travelling in space or into space Space Shuttle — Made by NASA, this is the most famous type of spacecraft to be made.

Space station — a permanent structure in space where astronauts can live and work Spacesuit — special airtight clothes that keep an astronaut safe and warm outside their spacecraft Sputnik — the first satellite to be put into orbit around Earth Voyager I and Voyager II — spacecraft that were sent to explore the outer parts of the Solar System. Helen Sharman present — She was the first person from Britain to travel into space.

Neil Armstrong — He was the first man to walk on the Moon, and was American. Yuri Gagarin — He was the first man to go into space, and was from the Soviet Union. Access thousands of brilliant resources to help your child be the best they can be. What is space exploration?

The first person in space was Yuri Gagarin from the Soviet Union, who travelled into orbit around the Earth in The first man to walk on the Moon was an American called Neil Armstrong in The Moon is the only place apart from Earth that humans have set foot on.

People who fly into space are called astronauts. They have to be very careful about what they eat and what exercise they do to stay healthy while they are in space. A spacecraft needs to travel at 11, miles per hour to get into orbit around the Earth. Spacecraft use huge rockets to carry them into space. The most famous type of spacecraft was the Space Shuttle. There were five Space Shuttles and one prototype — between them they flew missions into space. Out of billions of people who live on Earth, only have been into Orbit, and only 12 have ever walked on the Moon.

The International Space Station is the biggest space station ever built. It can hold a crew of six people. Space starts kilometres 62 miles above the surface of the Earth. The first man to walk on the moon was Neil Armstrong. Some satellites do things like taking photographs or broadcasting TV channels, and others are used by scientists.

The first satellite was called Sputnik I and was launched by the Soviet Union in It circled the Earth for three months. Could you work for NASA? Which of these things is not like the other? Our graphic organizers tell the difference between cosmic objects. Learn what separates a comet from an asteroid, a spiral galaxy from an elliptical, or the Eagle from the Eskimo nebula.

Your partner can read the question aloud and let you supply the answer. Our graphic organizers also make good study guides. Memorize the items that belong in each category, and then identify the category as a friend lists the items aloud. You also can study on your own by covering up the answers with a sheet of paper and quizzing yourself with the questions.

Are we due for a comet or asteroid strike? Should Pluto be called a planet? Which had a greater impact: Build your own Hubble Space Telescope model with parts from your local hardware and craft stores. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author s and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

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Homework Help. Universe of Learning. Zoomable Gallery. Servicing Mission 4. Tactile Astronomy. Tonight's Sky. CONNECT WITH US. Amazing Space uses astronomical discoveries to inspire and educate about the wonders of our universe. pro e assignment help Amazing Space Homework Help 4 grade science homework help dissertation economie droit.

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