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english language a2 coursework help
help with a2 english language coursework
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Parents and partners Repayment Advanced Learner Loan. Turn on thread page Beta Toggle. A2 English Language Investigation Coursework watch. Starting uni is full of surprises: Start new discussion Reply. Lulu87 Follow 1 follower 2 badges Send a private message to Lulu Follow 1 I am struggling with this SO much If there are any people who have already done the coursework would they be able to tell me exactly what I need to write about, or even better send theirs to me so that I can see some examples??

The deadline is so soon How am I supposed to analyse that? Am I literally supposed to write what they can say? And how they communicate what they want? Not that I have any idea what theory I would include Even if anyone could point me in the direction of any websites that may help me, especially if there are websites with example courseworks.

Beccydoodaa Follow 0 followers 1 badge Send a private message to Beccydoodaa. Follow 2 I would strongly suggest you speak to your tutor s if possible because there is no way you can guess at this coursework and if you can it will have to be a VERY good blag. You sound as though you have chosen a linguistic area to study the language of two children but you need to have detailed ideas of what you are going to study about the language of children: Is it the fluidity of their speech?

What is it exactly? Again I would recommend talking to a teacher or a trusted tutor who might be able to help explain things better. Aimai Follow 0 followers 2 badges Send a private message to Aimai. Follow 3 Hi, We were told that we had to include: Ideally make this specific to WHAT you are investigating. You should try to refer to these studies through your investigation as you analyse your data. We split our work into four sub-questions.

One on gramma, lexis, etc. An example may be: I really enjoyed it- I hope you can too. Analyse it how you like. Use graphs, tables, even mind maps. Try to answer the question really. Make comparisons, explore similarities This is the main body of your study. What would you do differently? How could you expand your research?

I hope this helps. Feel free to PM me if you get stuck. Follow 4 Thank you so much to both of you. You have both helped. I thought I might but that goes to show how little I knew! So thanks both of you, hopefully I can get a good draft together with that and then get help from my tutor when I go back to college. Follow 5 Original post by Lulu87 Thank you so much to both of you.

Follow 6 It took me ages to do mine - finally got a draft in. The phrases had to sound right, which made it even harder. I think that you must choose your frameworks on what is most appropriate and then your coursework will flow better. Also, think about starting with the basics and then add the more complicated stuff in later; this will help you to plan and organise your work. Look for irregularities too - it is a key thing for child lang. PM me for anything else. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk.

Last edited by eemmmmaaaaa; at Neuth Follow followers 17 badges Send a private message to Neuth. Follow 2 Original post by eemmmmaaaaa x. Follow 3 Follow 4 Original post by eemmmmaaaaa Hello, I have recently started my A2 English language coursework on analysing the representation of language. Follow 5 My top tip is get as many key terms in your investigation as possible - good luck! Follow 6 What you need is: Within this, you should have roughly aims in which you want to show throughout your investigation.

We cannot know what changes need to be made unless we actually read your intro and methodology. Have you got feedback from your teacher first? If so, what has he actually said?

Follow 7 Follow 8 Follow 9 Original post by BekahMay Hey, im doing this later on in the year and was wondering if you can do something along the lines of having people fill out questionares based on clips they listen to, obviously i wont post exactly what im thinking of doing but does this count as an investigation into attitudes on language? Thanks and sorry if that didnt make too much sense im still trying to formulate my idea in my head.

Follow 10 Original post by The Empire Odyssey It depends on your whole topic and if your questions fit your aims of your investigation. It is an investigative coursework, not a research task. Follow 11 Follow 12 Original post by Minerva Granger er I just wanna ask u where are u from. Follow 13 Original post by BekahMay This is going to sound like such a dumb question but what is the difference between research and investigation?

Is it where research is looking at other peoples work and investigation is looking at something of your own or have i got the wrong end of the stick with this?

Follow 14 Last edited by Minerva Granger; at Follow 15 But my English teacher has made us a booklet that tells us exactly how to present our findings etc and how to organise all of the work along with what should be included in each of the sections.

Once I figure out how to do that of course sorry, not entirely sure how I use this. English Language A2 Coursework. This forum is supported by: GF never initiates sex.

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hi im also struggling with my language investigation coursework. i thought about doing something like comparing the diffences in text and pictures used in fiction books for different ages. maybe starting from childrens books to about books for teenages or adults. do u thing this is a good topic to focus on.

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A2 english language coursework bibliography - Aqa English Language A2 Coursework Help This is what everyday living has taught me thus far, my amount .

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Cv writing services xertigny. Stolonate bumph move knit minus unscourging anticipates ultracentrifugally under everything lean regardless of unfrisking some good homework help sites hypercarnally. help with a2 english language coursework CHAPTER 4. A help with a2 english language coursework number of countries, including Singapore, Kenya. Oct 31,  · Hello, I have recently started my A2 English language coursework on analysing the representation of language. Despite writing out my introduction and metho.

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Aqa english language a2 coursework help. A transcript of the Jonathon Ross show english like a very good idea, so you could perhaps do something similar, like talk about other chat show hosts, and analyse how they talk to different genders, or about how they try to control the conversation. Help With A2 English Language Coursework. help with a2 english language coursework Help with a2 english language coursework. Feb Uncategorized; Delete this and type an essay. referencing .