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SF State in the News 2018

The Top 10 Schools Offering an Online MBA with no GMAT Requirement

❶Students in all programs undertake a hour internship as they near graduation. DEC, wherein is stated:.

Why Are Schools Waiving or not Requiring the GMAT?

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UMUC Undergraduate School Faculty

Leland Winnicki, Kari L. Martinez Castillo, Jose R. Mc Cue, Sarah S. Nasstrom Evans, Heidi A. Phil, University of Sydney. Quinn, Julie Anne P. Thomas MA, University of Xaveriana. Rhoden, James Harold, Jr.

MA, Virginia Commonwealth University. Ruiz de Somocurcio, Michael A. Stone Stanton, Kamille L. Thomas, Charles C, Jr. Thomas IV, George L. Van Camp, Deborah L. Van Tine, Shalon A. Walker, Mariagrazia Grazia A. Wangemann, Mary Ann P.

Wetzell, Bruce Bradley, Jr. White, Henry Nathaniel, Jr. The discount for Federal employees and their spouses and eligible dependents will be applied to out-of-state tuition and specialty graduate programs. It does not apply to doctoral programs. This discount cannot be combined with the Completion Scholarship for Maryland community college students or the Pennsylvania Completion Scholarship. Undergraduate and standard graduate program tuition for students who meet the criteria for Maryland residency will be the applicable in-state rate.

Public Health Service and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration; and the spouses and dependents of these student groups will be the applicable military or specialty rate. View important information about the education debt, earnings, and completion rates of students enrolled in certificate programs. All students are required to pay tuition for all courses in which they are enrolled. Alumna and painter Emily Fromm discussed her artistic process and the challenge of surviving as an artist in San Francisco.

An article about the merits of historical works of fiction discussed the work of alumna and author Anne Rice. Alumna Sheri Engler wrote about how parents can empower their daughters.

Alumnus and inventor of the waterbed, Charlie Hall, discussed his latest venture: SF State was cited as one of 40 universities that have adopted an Israel studies center, program or chair. SF State research on the temperature of locked cars was cited in stories about leaving children and animals in hot cars.

In an op-ed, Professor of Labor and Employment Studies John Logan notes that Amazon is more of a low-wage retailer than a high-wage tech disruptor. Alumna and pioneering feminist Seena Kohl passed away in June. Former SF State student and jazz musician Howard Wiley said being clobbered on stage by other musicians shaped him as an artist. San Francisco State researchers named a fungus after Sponge Bob. An SF State study showed that the temperature inside a vehicle can rise to degrees on a 95 degree day.

Former student Kevin Waller helped form the Clay Room, where community members can learn ceramics skills and experience a respite from computer culture. The Potrero View June Professor of Health Education Ramon Castellblanch said a new state senate bill that would give certain cities the option to serve alcohol until 4: Alumna Diane Rwigara was kidnapped and thrown in prison in Rwanda, accused of trying to overthrow the government.

Alumnus and Rabbi Mark Schiftan gave the opening prayer at the U. House of Representatives hearing. Former student and actress Vonetta McGee fought against racism in the film industry for many years. Professor of Management Mitchell Marks shared three strategies for managing underperforming employees. Alumnus Paul Totah is retiring from St.

Ignatius Prep but will continue many writing projects. Former student and artist James Reed gave a substantial collection of 1, prints dating from the 16 th to the early 21 st centuries to the Fairfield University Art Museum in Connecticut. Professor Emerita Ellen Peel discussed the th anniversary of Frankenstein. Alumnus Matt Woebcke combined his love of helping people and architecture to become a successful realtor in San Francisco. An elementary school in Mountain View will be named after alumnus Antonio Vargas, who is a Pulitzer Prize winner and CEO of Define American, a nonprofit that fights anti-immigrant hatred and injustice.

Emeritus Professor of Education Cecelia Wambach is reinventing retirement by volunteering at Syrian refugee camps in Greece.

Student Luc Williams is concerned that critics of the H-1B visa for foreign workers are scapegoating immigrants. Alumnus Tom Mulvey climbed to 18, feet on Mount Denali in Alaska but stopped because his hands were becoming frost nipped. An SF State study finding that siblings playing on the same sports team can result in one-upping, which can have a negative effect if not harnessed correctly.

Former student and poet Nancy Keane passed away last week. Associate Professor of Political Science Jason McDaniel said the support London Breed got from leaders across the spectrum of race, ethnicity and ideology ended up helping her win the San Francisco mayoral race. The University is mentioned in an article about fighting campus anti-Semitism.

Professor of Management Mitchell Marks said Seattle needs a more coordinated policy to solve its homeless issue. Associate Professor of Political Science Jason McDaniel said ranked-choice voting increases the rate of ballot errors. Lecturer Emil Guillermo discussed his concerns over the fragile state of student mental health in light of recent suicides.

Associate Professor of Political Science Jason McDaniel predicted that London Breed would gain over 1, votes from remaining vote-by-mail ballots and if that trend continues, Breed will win the election. Professor Emeritus Mark Phillips said thinking critically and being more conscious of the emotions that influence our political behavior can help us make better political decisions.

Former professor Matthew Shenoda will be the first vice president of social equity and inclusion at the Rhode Island School of Design. Former student Rose Muller owns a yoga studio in Yakima, Washington. SF State juniors and seniors in the Apparel Design and Merchandising program presented innovative fashions inspired by social justice and inclusivity at Runway Alumnus and filmmaker Craig Baldwin is the guest of honor at the Chicago Underground Film Festival and will discuss his role in a modern media environment where the line between fact and dark fantasy has begun to disappear.

In commenting on a new study finding that bilingual children may perform better on cognitive tests, Professor of Psychology Kenneth Paap said many bilingual children are immigrants and that other studies have shown that immigrants have better overall health than native-born citizens.

Associate Professor of Political Science Jason McDaniel said local propositions C and D reflect the polarization between the two major political factions in San Francisco and the competition between them for control of government and policy. Research by Professor of Health Education Erik Peper and Associate Professor of Health Education Richard Harvey showing that digital addiction activates neural pathways similar to those in opioid addiction is referred to in a story about Apple and Google developing apps for monitoring screen time.

Recent grad Elexia Cook was part of a group of people attacked on the sidewalk in Berkeley on Memorial Day weekend. Associate Professor of Political Science Jason McDaniel was one of three featured speakers in an election night special focused on California and San Francisco voter issues.

Professor of Communication Studies Joe Tuman said San Francisco mayoral candidate London Breed is a business-friendly centrist in an article about her appeal to the tech industry. Alumna, educator and author Mary Lu Leon has passed away at age Alumnus Michael Steele was named one of the teachers of the year by the Elk Grove school district.

Alumna and San Francisco Public Defender Niki Solis is challenging an incumbent superior court judge for his seat to try to help reform criminal justice.

Alumna and aviator Jeanne McElhatton, who loved helping people overcome their fear of flying, passed away at The University Police Department is mentioned in an article about the underreporting of hate crimes by law enforcement agencies.

A trial date has been set for a lawsuit alleging an environment of anti-Semitism at SF State. SF State research on the temperature of locked cars was mentioned in a clip about leaving children in cars. Alumna Alison Chism discussed her glassblowing career and the inspiration behind her art.

SF State research on the temperature of locked cars was cited in an article about leaving children in cars. Alumna Madeline Hildebrandt is one of two women running for an open U. Congress seat in New Mexico. Alumnus Michael Corrigan wrote about an experience he had travelling in Europe in the s.

Protests at SF State in the s were cited as an early example of the free speech movement on college campuses. Members of the East Bay Latino community participated in an SF State study on the wellness benefits of walking in nature. Professor Emerita of Art Whitney Chadwick participated in a panel discussion about the ways art institutions should deal with work done by abusive artists. Assistant Professor of Creative Writing Carolina De Robertis cowrote a letter to the editor urging that academics help build a culture where survivors of sexual harassment and assault feel supported.

A new study by Professor of Biology Vance Vredenburg provides an explanation for bird flocks in the Amazon that hold dozens of species. Adjunct Professor of Ethnic Studies Amy Casselman Hontalas discussed recent laws giving Native American tribes more power to prosecute non-Native people who commit crimes on tribal land. Professor of Philosophy Mohammad Azadpur was one of a group of global academic and cultural leaders who signed an open letter in support of the Iran Nuclear Deal. Professor and Chair of the Department of Communications Studies Joe Tuman discussed how platforms like Facebook and Twitter encourage users to share news without reading it.

Alumna Pam Dorr discussed her plan to address the housing crisis by building 10, tiny homes in 10 years. Visiting faculty member Ayelet Gundar-Goshen will give a talk about contemporary Israeli mythology at the Contemporary Jewish Museum today.

Alumna Pan Dorr discussed her plan to address the housing crisis by building 10, tiny homes in 10 years. SF State research on the temperature of locked cars was cited in news segments about leaving children and pets in cars. An SF State report on housing, pregnancy and preterm birth in San Francisco was cited in an article about pregnant women who need housing support.

Lecturer of Management Clare Hedin, who makes music and speaks about the creative potential of humanity, will speak at a Companion Circle in Kelseyville, CA. Alumna and recent law school graduate Denia Perez helped pass a law that will allow undocumented lawyers like herself to apply for admission to the bar in order to practice law.

Actor and alumnus Danny Glover led a Sacramento rally in support of anti-poverty measures. Professor of Psychology Kenneth Paap discussed potential explanations for why children in low-income homes score higher on cognitive tests if their families speak more than one language. Photography by alumnus Brian Frank, depicting inmates at a youth prison camp, is featured in an exhibition at SF Camerawork.

Actor and alumnus Danny Glover led a Sacramento rally yesterday supporting anti-poverty measures. Alumna and recent law school graduate Dania Perez helped pass a law that will allow undocumented lawyers like herself to apply for admission to the bar in order to practice law.

SF State research about the importance of focusing on good memories was cited in an article about how to make your morning successful.

Longmore Institute on Disability Catherine Kudlick wrote a tribute to her mother reflecting on their differing attitudes towards blindness.

Professor Emeritus of Education Mark Phillips wrote about the national student movement for gun control. Former SF State Philosophy graduate student Sarah Braasch became the subject of a viral video when she called to report a black student sleeping in the common area of her own Yale dorm.

Former student Laurie Cohen, who founded the Mill Valley Philharmonic, is retiring after 18 seasons as its artistic director and conductor. Professor of Health Education Ramon Castellblanch commented on an Oakland pharmacy under investigation for dispensing large amounts of opioid painkillers under suspicious circumstances.

Lecturer of English Ruby Hernandez-Frischer was featured in an article discussing how facial feminization surgery helps female trans women complete their transition. Lecturer of Criminal Justice James Dudley wrote a guide for coordinating a response to an active shooter. Alumna and thespian DeBorah B. Pryor wrote about the revival of Letters of Zora , a one-woman play inspired by the life of Zora Neale Hurston.

SF State was cited as an institution in which donors can in some cases serve on faculty search or selection panels. Chair and Professor of Computer Science William Hsu discussed the difficulty of hiring computer faculty members in recent years. Former student Haros Lopez talked about his Santa Fe art collective Alas de Agua, which aims to provide a space for people of color and address inequalities in the art world.

A new book about as a pivotal year for protests cites black student activism at SF State. SF State research on the temperature of locked cars was cited in an article about leaving pets in cars. Professor of International Relations Mahmood Monshipouri discussed the potential ramifications of abandoning the Iran nuclear agreement. An installation of an ADA-compliant chair that was integrated into a classroom at SF State was referenced as an example of how to make classrooms more accessible.

Alumnus and entrepreneur Andrey Zakharenko discussed ways that travel agencies can attract millennials. Secretary of State John Kerry to discuss the nuclear agreement between the two countries.

Alumna Atsuko Hirayanagi talked about her career change from acting to filmmaking. An unsolved murder on the SF State campus was mentioned in an article about new investigative techniques based on DNA. Brittney Venter, a former foster youth, talked about her experience with the Guardian Scholars Program at a fundraiser that brought together important figures in the tech community.

Professor of Health Education Erik Peper talked about his recent study demonstrating a link between the overuse of smartphones and loneliness and depression. Assistant Professor of Biology Andrea Swei authored a study showing which types of parks in the Bay Area are most likely to harbor ticks.

Lecturer of Criminal Justice James Dudley wrote an article about how police officers can support their sergeants. Alumna and artist Mikelle Standbridge will open a retreat center for culture and contemporary art in northwestern Italy in SF State research on the adverse effect of smartphones was mentioned in an article about applications that can help limit phone use.

Sexual harassment complaints against a former SF State professor were discussed in an article about how universities handle new hires with a history of misconduct. Alumna Amanda Grey has been named the principal of a Petaluma elementary school beginning next fall.

An SF State study about chronically late workers was mentioned in an article about how to be on time. A recent study by Professor of Health Education Erik Peper demonstrates a link between the overuse of smartphones and loneliness and depression. Associate Professor of History Dawn Bohulano Mabalon will discuss the importance of preserving family histories at the Bakersfield College Delano campus.

Lecturer of Criminal Justice Jim Dudley comments on Oakland police response to calls about the hazardous living conditions at the Ghost Ship warehouse prior to a fire that erupted and killed dozens of people. SF State student Isik Berfin will perform traditional Zaza and Kurdish songs that will be included in Sounds of California, a modern effort to record the folk songs of California residents.

SF State research on tardiness was cited in an article about how to be more punctual. Two San Francisco mayoral candidates expressed support for a program that would extend free tuition to SF State students. A recent study by Professor of Health Education Erik Peper shows that addiction to social media and smartphones shares similar symptom to an opioid addiction. Lecturer of Marketing Neil Cohen discusses the trend of fake product reviews posted on Amazon.

Assistant Professor of Biology Andrea Swei published new research that predicts a rise in the tick population this season. Professor Emeritus Harvey Peskin has died at age SF State science students are participating in a trending hashtag that increases the visibility of bisexuals in science technology and math STEM fields. A recent study by Professor of Health Education Erik Peper shows that addiction to social media and smartphones shares similar symptom to an addiction to opioids.

Assistant Professor of Biology Jason Cantley co-authored a paper on the discovery of a rare plant in Western Pennsylvania. Alumnus Mike Kirchubel details his personal experience with homelessness in this op-ed. Lecturer of Anthropology Jeffrey Schonberg is listed as one of five immersive photographers and talks about how he gains the trust of his subjects. Assistant Professor of Biology Jason Cantley co-authored a paper on the discovery of rare plants in Western Pennsylvania.

Photographer Judy Dater, an alumna, is having a retrospective at the de Young Museum through September. Alumnus Dean Alioto recently completed a found footage-style film about an alien abduction. Grammy award-winning folk artist and alumnus David Holt is the subject of a profile. Poet David Brown, an alumnus, is profiled for his poetry about war.

An incident at SF State involving an argument between two students over dreadlocks is mentioned in an article condemning a clothing company that misappropriated Mexican culture. Alumna Naeemah Campbell, a Los Angeles-based content creator, discussed how walking helped her overcome depression.

Alumnus Von der Porten, a renowned maritime scholar and expert on Sir. SF State research on the temperature of locked cars was cited in an article about legislation to protect people who break into cars to rescue pets. Jennifer Summit was appointed provost and vice president for academic affairs at SF State. Assistant Professor of International Relations Anthony Pahnke wrote an op-ed urging lawmakers to make tariffs work for Wisconsin Dairy farmers. Assistant Professor of Psychology Ryan Howell said experiences provide much longer-lasting pleasure than material objects.

Professor Emeritus Mark Phillips said white liberals should examine their relationships with other races and nationalities to help reduce hidden racism. Alumna Alice Williams offers eight tips for starting a food truck business and standing out from the crowd. Alumna and competitive synchronized swimmer Susan Lee Oldham passed away on March 3, Former student Janet Del Castillo applies what she learned as a Peace Corps volunteer to improve treatment of racehorses. Professor of Political Science Robert C.

Smith talks about the role identity politics is playing in the San Francisco mayoral race. Professor of Health Education Erik Peper discusses the link between body posture and mood. SF State researchers are studying how to make cephalopod research more humane.

Attorneys have filed an amended complaint against SF State alleging the school has fostered a hostile, anti-Jewish climate. Assistant Professor of Biology Robyn Crook and other researchers in her lab are studying how to make cephalopod research more humane. Lecturer of Labor and Employment Studies Bill Sokol comments on a recent complaint filed by the National Labor Relations Board against Tesla after the company allegedly terminated an employee who tried to unionize workers.

Former student Matt Kerley, a Milwaukee chef, is the subject of a profile. Actor and alumnus Danny Glover reflects on the legacy of Dr.

Martin Luther King on the 50th anniversary of his assassination. Alumnus Hank Harrison talks about his daughter, musician Courtney Love.

SF State alumna Alicia Garza, a co-founder of Black Lives Matter, is profiled in a story about how she believes food is an essential ingredient in social movements. Alumna Evmorphia Stratis discusses her art background as she gets ready to teach her own painting and drawing classes in Marblehead. SF State is listed as a pioneer in ethnic studies in an op-ed about how teaching ethnic studies courses in California public schools can foster tolerance. AMCHA, a group that monitors anti-Semitic behavior on college campuses, is speaking out against a message posted by a professor on an SF State-affiliated Facebook page.

Smith authored a book and spoke at a forum about the legacy of civil rights activist and scholar Dr. Alumna Judi Iranyi writes a column advocating for supportive housing for San Francisco homeless residents. Alumna and Native American activist Wilma Mankiller is the subject of a documentary. Alumnus Vester Flanagan, who killed two TV journalists, is the subject of a profile.

SF State is mentioned in an article about a silent vigil held at Duke University that followed the assassination of Dr.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Professor of Journalism Jon Funabiki comments on the recent collapse of Unity: Journalists for Diversity, a professional organization uniting non-white journalism organizations.

Cathy Kudlick, professor of history and director of the Paul K. Longmore Institute on Disability, addressed sexual harassment in the workplace as part of a panel discussion. Alumnus Jack Lucey, an award-winning cartoonist and illustrator, passed away at age Alumna Debbie Gold, superintendent of the Byron Unified School District, is profiled in a column about local school leaders.

Alumna Holly Wade was appointed assistant superintendent of educational support services for the Cabrillo Unified School District. President Wong issued a public apology to the Jewish community over allegations of anti-Semitism on campus. Mathematics Professor Federico Ardila focuses on a mathematical object called the matroid polytope instead of a particular theorem.

Alumna Jayshree Ullal is the first female Indian American billionaire. Alumna Mytia Smith is mentioned in an article about the death of her father, Michael Smith, the founder and director of the American Film Festival.

Alum Michael Golden is a biology professor at Grossmont College and recently received a national award recognizing community college teaching and leadership. An SF State tenant rights group objects to recent rent increases and eviction notices. Former student, writer and anti-war activist Bob Biderman passed away at age Professor Emeritus Richard DeLeon said the current tech boom, built off the remnants of the dot-com crash, was bound to happen. Alumna Trang Tran, a child care worker, is hoping to get a job working with special needs children.

Former SF State student Danielle Perez lost both of her feet in an accident but has found healing in a new career as a standup comedian. Professor of Management Sally Baack discussed how Starbucks achieved pay equity by eliminating practices such as asking new employees about incoming pay. Associate Professor of Political Science Jason McDaniel said voters want politicians to do what voters think is the right thing.

An SF State study on happiness showing that experience matters more than material things is referenced in an article about consumers rejecting materialism. Alum and Foreign Minister of Iran Mohammad Javad Zarif wrote that regional powers need to build on dialogue and common ground to avoid conflict in the Middle East. Alumna Jayshree Ullal has made Arista into a serious competitor of Cisco and become one of 72 self-made female billionaires in the world in the process.

Alum Ajmal Faroqi was killed during a suspected attempted carjacking in Hayward last Sunday. Assistant Professor of Biology Andrea Swei explained how the blood of Western fence lizards clears ticks of infection. Professor of Civil Engineering Ghassan Tarakji discussed potential causes of the pedestrian bridge failure in Florida. Assistant Professor of Biology Kevin Simonin has found that the genomes of flowering plants decreased in size over time, making plant cells more compact.

Alumna and sex advice columnist Roe McDermott discussed coming out at work. SF State is mentioned in an article about exercise using virtual reality. Writer Hen Mazzig said he experienced pushback from his own community during his visit to the SF State campus.

A federal judge dismissed a lawsuit accusing SF State officials of tolerating hostility toward Jews on campus. Alumna Halifu Osumare, who has just released a memoir, said the strike at San Francisco State affected her consciousness as a black person and artist.

SF State is mentioned as one of many schools participating in the anti-gun violence student walkout. Alumna Debra Jones misses many things about San Francisco but cannot afford to live in the city. Some SF State students plan on participating in a walkout scheduled for Wednesday morning to commemorate the victims of the Parkland High School shooting and protest gun violence. A federal judge dismissed a lawsuit accusing SF State officials of tolerating and encouraging hostility toward Jews on campus.

The Chronicle of Higher Education. SF Build is training faculty in ways to make classrooms more inclusive. Professor Emeritus Mark Phillips recommends that teachers keep a sense of humor in the classroom. Former Distinguished Visiting Professor David Charles Wenden was at the finish line when famed British runner Roger Bannister broke the record for the four-minute mile run in Alum Zigi Ben-Heim uses materials from industry and construction to create unique sculpture.

Alumna Hesta Baker is part of a group of Liberian senior citizens who want to remain active beyond retirement. Alum Sal Abaunza was named general manager for the Monterey Tides hotel.

Lecturer of Art Dana Hemenway discussed the challenges of being an artist amidst the high cost of living in the Bay Area. Alumna Diane Kamrin is the founder and artistic director of Stars , now celebrating its 25th anniversary. Alumnus Kyle Elliot is a career coach and discussed ways to find happiness outside of work in this op-ed. Associate Professor of Psychology Ryan Howells says money can buy happiness if you buy experiences that bring you closer to other people.

SF State student Melina Herrera testified in court last week concerning the fatal shooting of her uncle by police. Alumna Pauline Oliveros is highlighted as a female musician deserving more recognition for her work as an electronic music pioneer. A new study using surveys and classroom noise analysis revealed the success of a three-year effort by faculty in the Department of Biology to actively engage students.

Alumna Heidi Yoshida joined Oak Advisors as a client service advisor and certified financial planner. Author Noliwe Rooks discussed s protests at SF State in a conversation about education as a tool for social justice.

Professor of Cinema Daniel Bernardi says if civil rights advocates want a more diverse Hollywood they should employ resistance tactics such as boycotts and protests. Professor of Management Mitchell Marks offers advice on how to survive a negative performance review.

Professor of Health Education Adam Burke warns about the interaction of charcoal lattes with oral contraceptives and anti-depressants in an article about the growing popularity of charcoal lattes. Journalism student Maci Le Martell writes about her experience during the deadly North Bay wildfires in and the importance of preparedness. Alumna Wilma Mankiller, an American Indian activist, is the subject of a profile.

SF State is mentioned as a pioneer of ethnic studies in an article about how this type of curriculum is spreading to public schools across the nation. The area around SF State is one of nine locations in the city that are part of a federal tax-incentive program called the Opportunity Zone and could receive private funding for development. Inside the Trump White House. Makdissy, premieres in New York on March Gross writes a column about Jewish food and kosher law, following a speech she gave at the Jewish Trefa Banquet 2.

President Les Wong issues a public apology to the Jewish community. Alumna Teo Spengler writes a travel tips column about where to stay when visiting Yellowstone National Park. Assistant Professor of Kinesiology Jimmy Bagley gives advice on working out. David Wentura, professor emeritus of design and industry, passed away on February 20 at age Alumnus Neil Oshima will feature the peoples and the traditions of Austronesian ethnic groups in a photography exhibit.

Arnold Townsend, a former student, discussed efforts to bring black culture back to the Fillmore District after redevelopment.

A seminar honored the contributions of alumna Linda Bisson to the science and practice of winemaking. Police are investigating a Feb. Alumna Rebecca Cantieri was interviewed about ways to promote employee engagement.

SF State is among a number of universities and nonprofits that received leftover wine from the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition in past years. Adjunct Professor of Ethnic Studies Amy Casselman Hontalas discussed how criminal jurisdiction on tribal lands in America fails to prevent sexual violence against native women.

Rediscovering California Jewish Artists. Lead case manager of the Guardian Scholars Program Melanie Ramirez-Carpio was pictured in an article about the challenges of applying to college as a foster youth. A March 14th walkout has been proposed at SF State to advocate for gun control. A man was found dead in an SF State dorm earlier this month. Associate Professor of Africana Studies Dr. A California State University study showed that one in three students at SF State have had to choose between buying food and course material.

A new documentary looks back at a SF State student strike that led to the creation of the College of Ethnic Studies.

Professor of Psychology David Matsumoto discussed how to deal with setbacks in an article about the attitudes of Olympics competitors. Student David Rodriguez produced a radio story about a family of six living in an RV. Several SF State students were mentioned in an article about the financial struggles of students in the California State University system.

Alumna and actor Jennifer Schemke has an upcoming stand-up comedy performance. An article about alumna and actor Alex Borstein discussed her life and career in honor of her birthday. An innovative course design model created by Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs Operations Brian Beatty has been piloted in several institutions.

Alumna Wesla Whitfield, a singer known for her interpretations of jazz standards, died on Friday. A California State University study showed that one in three students at SF State have had to choose between food and buying course material.

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