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❶Get your parents to sign you up for KDP, an online website that publishes books, short stories, anything, all for free. I have had work published , I have done a whole term in an English course and won an award for student of the year.

books you’ll always remember.

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Lance, you are under no obligation to read my work, but I do treat readers as grown-ups who have the capacity to stop reading something that disturbs them. If you are comfortable with including stories about cutting, then you should stop going on line. At some point, persons with some degree of social perception should know where to draw the line. Your judgement as to where that line goes is broken. It is not a matter of freedom of expression; it is a matter of encouraging psociopaths.

I would like to refer you to my manifesto page. This is fiction, not a lifestyle guide. There is a huge amount of fiction that focuses on eroticism in all sorts of areas that go beyond what is normative or socially acceptable.

Should we ban it all? Fiction about serial killers, fiction about mass murders, fiction about all sorts of violence. I am sorta confused, he saves his cock for his wife yet he is so close with her. The story made you think, and try to puzzle it out. Picture one of those heart necklaces made of two halves, each intended to be worn by different people.

Now imagine a story where the point of view alternates between her perspective and his; combined, the two experiences make up the whole. It could be done as a collaboration, but I can tell you have the skill to write both halves, if you felt inclined. Though it should be done with different characters, the shared theme is the strap on.

Can you see how that could be? But let me back up, so to speak, and explain something. At one point, the woman made a reference to using a strap on on him and he had a low-level meltdown. I found myself going from merely thinking of it in the abstract to feeling a little intrigued. Our sex life has been satisfactory for both of us yes, I ask her regularly. Now do you see my problem? Aside from my own doubts- such as what this might say about my manliness- I worry about her reaction.

No, the truth is nine times out of ten I prefer to dominate our sexual adventures. I hold her wrists overhead as we do it, or tug her hair or flip her from one position to another and she loves all this.

And now I know I want her to fuck my ass with a strap on. I picture her grinding on me as she strokes my cock and I get SO turned on.

Then I imagine telling her about my fantasy— and picture her recoiling in shock, her beautiful face scrunched up in disgust. What is your favorite part? Let me know in the comments! You have six other steps to do that. Write for fifteen minutes. When your time is up, post your practice in the comments section.

And if you post, please be sure to give feedback to your fellow writers. Building an Author Website. You never learn how to write a short story. Kids work with silent e words in this adorable interactive story. Kids will love this storybook that makes it fun to learn numbers 1 through The Best Jumper Story. Measurement practice gets an upgrade in this sweet story about two robots competing in a high-flying battle.

Explore the place value concept of "tens" and "ones" with this playful math story. Learn about comparing numbers with these mischievous troll brothers. The Temple of Cheeza. Follow Floyd and Birdee as they use addition to solve clues to find buried treasure! Enjoy some math magic with this fun story that introduces the concept of subtraction. Kids learn about non-standard units of measurement. Help kids master telling the essential skill of time with this rhyming poem.

The Lion and the Rat. Your kid will love this adorable ebook version of The Lion and the Rat. The Three Little Pigs. Kids listen along as the big bad wolf tries to catch pigs in this fairy tale. Your kid controls the adventure in this lovable interactive e-storybook! How the Camel Got His Hump. Mama and the Missing Shrews. Kids practice counting 11 to 20 in this adorable interactive story. Counting has never been so sweet! Work on counting backwards and forwards by getting behind the counter at a chocolate shop with Floyd and Cuz-Cuz.

Liza and the Sneaky Pie.

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Find new friends from across the globe, and discover their stories too. See Storybird used in creative new ways every day. Share. The world needs more stories — your stories. And your poetry, too! Make and share beautiful poems with a unique mix of art and words.

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